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Gondola Shelving

For decades the use of Gondola Shelving in any retail establishment has been the most popular store fixture available on the market today, that will display or merchandise mass amounts of most any type of products and merchandise, as Gondola Shelves are a heavy duty fixture that can support up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight..

Available in a double sided and a single sided configuration, widths of 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches, with heights from 36 inches high to 96 inches high and beyond, Gondola Shelves can be configured to meet the needs of most any retail store application.

Gondolas are made of steel, wood, and plastic components.  The uprights, base shoes, base shelves, upper shelves, spanners, and lower trim pieces are made of steel, the backboards are made of wood and provide the stability of the shelving system, and the upright trim pieces are made of plastic.  The components used are all interchangeable between a single sided and double sided Gondola Shelves.

Discount Gondola Shelving

Discount Gondola Shelving

Double sided shelving also known as a Gondola provide the display of products and merchandise on both sides of the shelving system with either upper shelves, peg hooks or one of many accessories available for Gondolas.

Upper Shelving for Gondolas

Gondola Upper Shelves

Upper shelves are constructed of all steel and basically the same as base shelves with a little mounting system.  Available in depths of 8 inches to 30 inches and widths of 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches.

Gondola Wire Shelves

Gondola Wire Shelves

Wire shelves are typically used to display, chips, candy, bread, and most any type of snack.  As shown in the picture above the wire shelves are made of wire with a side bracket the same of a standard upper shelf.

Candy Rack for a Countertop

Candy Rack for a Countertop

Browse a large selection of Candy Racks for a counter and your existing Gondola Shelving System.

Best Gondola Shelving

Storage Racks

Wall Gondola Shelving

Wall Gondola Shelving

Single sided Gondolas are typically configured for a wall and can be used as an End Cap for the end of a double side aisle of Gondola Shelves.  The same components are used for double sided and single sided.

Gondola Shelving Dividers

Gondola Dividers

Upper and base shelves typically provide 4 rows of holes for fences and dividers.  2 rows in the front of the shelf and 2 rows of holes on the back of the shelf, 1 inch on center

End Cap for Gondolas

End Cap for Gondolas

The most popular and affordable Gondola End Cap is configured with a standard single sided section with a back board on both sides of the fixture, that simply slides up against the end of a Gondola Aisle.

Pallet Racking Parts

We have a complete line of Madix Pallet Racking with the Tear Drop style beam connection

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